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"This will be the greenest ever British Government."

David Cameron Prime Minister.

What is the Green Deal?

As part of its ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions in the UK by 80% before 2050, The new, coalition government have introduced the Green Deal Plan.

This Green Deal Plan is set to revolutionise the green energy efficiency of homes and businesses throughout the UK by allowing the general public and businesses to improve their green energy efficiency with no upfront costs. Instead Green Deal Providers will recoup these costs through a charge in instalments on the energy bill.

Warmer & Cheaper with the Green Deal Initiative

Over half of a homes heat can be lost due to insufficient insulation in both cavity walls and loft space. After an initial green deal assessment, a green deal assessor will help homeowners and businesses improve their insulation with no upfront cost. The table below shows how our Green Deal Plan could save you money through insulation alone.

Warmer & Cheaper with The Green Deal


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Why do we need the Green Deal?

“In Autumn 2000, more rain fell on England and Wales than at any time for 230 years. 10,000 homes and businesses were flooded.” Chris Huhne Energy & Climate Change Secretary.

Over the last decade, the UK and Europe have been witness to floods, droughts and wildfires. We cannot say for sure that climate change caused these extreme weather events but science shows that as our climate changes, the likelihood of these events increase. A Green Deal Provider ensures that the general public can help battle climate change by reducing energy waste and, most importantly, carbon emissions.

Self financing home insulation improvements

The Green Deal Plan is a self financing improvement green scheme designed to bring our housing stock up to date in line with many of our European neighbours. All over the country green deal finance providers will allow tenants, homeowners and businesses to get green energy efficiency improvements without any up front cost via a green deal provider.

From 2012, when the Green Deal begins, homes all across the country will have thousands of pounds worth of home insulation and solar improvements in their homes. Installed by qualified green deal installers & financed by green deal providers.

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Call the Green Deal Plan today on 0845 601 1361, complete our short enquiry form or visit Green Deal Central to get advise about getting involved with the Government's Green Deal scheme.

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